Friday, November 20, 2015

Choo Choo Train

Recently a friend, who has seen every diaper cake stroller that I have done thus-far, asked me to try something new!  I have been seeing many designs that I wanted to try and told her about some of them!

She wanted to make a Choo Choo Train for someone in her family, but needed my help!  I figured out everything that she'd need and made plans to help her on my day off this week.

I have to say that the Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake is no ways as difficult as the strollers are!!  It was fun and didn't take us long to throw it together; although, we could have went back and tightened up the wheels and a few little things could have been added.   

I know, I know... I'm always criticizing my projects and over thinking things!  So, here it is 

Hoping to get to make one of these for a lil Girl!!   :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Noah's Ark Diaper Cake

Recently I was asked to make another Diaper cake for the same lady who I did the Butterflies one for a few weeks ago.. 

This one was going to be for the sister of the girl that she had made the other one for, so it had to be different!!

I went to a few different places trying to find something for a little girl that was different, but couldn't really find anything that I liked... 

Then I seen this cute blanket with this cute Noah's Art kind-of design.  Grabbed a few cute blankets that would match the best and went to get the diapers (the most expensive part of the project).. The one's I normally get were sold out , so I grabbed a pack and came home!!  I was shocked when I decided to get started and realized that the diapers I had grabbed were purple!!!  I have never seen any that were purple, and don't plan to get anymore!!  

Lucky for me the receiving blankets that I had purchased had both pink and purple (a different shade unfortunately) and seemed to blend o.kay (I guess)!

Over-all, I think it turned out alright...  

She was happy and the girl who received it was as well; therefore, I am happy to share it with you!!

... Planning to try something NEW in the near future, can't wait to make it and share it with you all! (IF it turns out as planned lol)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Butterflies Diaper-Cake

Finished the Butterflies Diaper-Cake tonight and it turned out to be really cute.. I think!  I hope that she loves it when I deliver it tomorrow!!

I had a hard time deciding which blanket to use over the base (the bed) of it, but my daughter said she liked the flowers; so, that's what I did!!

I really like the butterflies.. they are so cute!!

It's always nice to see it come together and blend...

I was really lucky this time to find receiving blankets that matched the big blanket PERFECTLY!


I actually really like this one... maybe even the the best of all the lil' girl ones that I have done so far!   :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Diaper-Cake with Butterflies

Last month I had to make a Diaper-Cake for a friend, another one for a little boy.  It became a hassle looking everywhere for baseball/NY Yankee's stuff; and to be honest, I got a bit aggravated!  Little boy baby stuff is becoming scarce!!!

A few people saw it before I dropped it off, and I got a lady that asked me to make one for her... for a lil' girl, thankfully!!  

I haven't made one for a lil' girl in quite a while, but I wasn't super-excited because they are SO time consuming and I really don't make a lot doing them.. unless I charge a fortune!

BUT, I agreed to make it for her.  I had to take the lady I sit with to town today and since I have to get this new one done before this weekend I looked around to see what they had for a lil' girl while I was there.

I have to say that I am SO glad that I don't have a little one to buy for these days.. things are ridiculously expensive!

However, I did find a cute quilted looking blanket with a butterfly on it and some receiving blankets that matched perfectly!

Even though it has become a bit of a hassle preparing these Diaper-Cakes, I have to say that I am a tad-bit excited to see what this one is going to look like when it is complete!!

So.. I'll be working on this after work the next few days or on Thursday when I am off (had to switch days this week); and I will be sure to share it when it's done!!!

Hope you're as excited to see it finished as I am!

Friday, June 26, 2015

New York Yankees Diaper-Cake

When I was asked to do a Diaper-Cake with a Baseball theme, I wasn't excited!!  It's hard to find lil' boy stuff lately, especially baseball themed.

Top-it-off, they wanted New York Yankees!

I searched and searched online and couldn't find anything for a diaper-cake that was reasonably priced.

I went to almost every store in our local Mall & all the local stores that sell baby supplies.. finding NOTHING!!

Finally, I decided to look in the fabric department in our local Walmart.  I came across a cute baseball fabric that was reasonable in price that I thought might work great for this project!

Once I got it all put together, it was missing something, I thought!!  I don't normally use the same blanket on the bedding and pillow; therefore, it seemed to blend together TOO much!!  

The lady wanted New Your Yankees, but I couldn't even find a bib that had anything on it...

SO, I decided to get out my machine and cut a decal to place on the Diaper-Cake.  It turned out great and the parents could put the decal on their car or on the baby's wall... Where ever they decide really!

The final version of the New York Yankees Diaper Cake turned out amazing, I thought; and the lady who had it made and the mother were very happy in the end!!  That's all that matters in the end, right!!??  :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Doggie Diaper-Cake
A little while ago I told you all about the new Doggie Diaper Cake that I had to do for a little boy, and gave you a peek at the materials that I had to incorporate into the diaper-cake.

It's been completed for a few weeks, but I just hadn't posted them yet.  Sorry!

I really hated that the doggie was in the corner on this one because it is difficult to get the diaper-cake to wrap correctly, and fitting in the corner of the head of the cake is a challenge.

But... It all came together!!  :)

It turned out CUTE... as they all do!!  But I did make the decision that I'm not getting any more blankets that have the design in the corner, if I can help it!! :)

Hope you all like it, leave me some comments below!!

*Have another lil' boy one to complete this week...  Theme: Baseball (New Your Yankee's preferred if possible).  I'll share that one with you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2015

3-Tier Diaper Cake

I have a diaper-cake to make this weekend, like the stroller-looking ones I have done previously; but I wanted to try a 3-tier diaper cake... Just for FUN!  

I really liked it and did not want to take it apart.

As I look at the picture, I think of all the things that I could do to make it fabulous! (lol)